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i never knew there were so many!! And this is teh NW.. maybe its a NW thing. Hmmm, maybe this shouldn't excite me. I joined livejournal to post messages when i'm awake at night, rather than leaving annonymous comments in several journals on LJ to avoid posting in my journal because i'd sound whack and people couldn't tell which was an entry and which was endless rambling as an effect of no sleep for several days. This is like, me awake at night too hyper to stop talking/typing.. and the other posts are of me during the day living the day too tired to think straight digging myself into a whole of stupidity.

I wonder how it is taht i'm so hyper at night, but then i see the clock strike 6am ready to go to school and i begin the peak of my hyperactive mind until about 9:35 where i grow majorily tired.. then i walk the 45 minutes home to finish homework awake and then find myself all HYPER again until the next day rolls over and the next and the next where its friday and then BOOM, i fall asleep and wake up monday morning. Its amazing.

So, what exactly is insomnia? maybe i have it since everyone else who has its' sentences usually start with.. havn't slept in ___ . I do that. should i care, or does eveyone just have that in common here.
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